The online delivery of mapping has seen huge change in recent years.  The increased usage of digital or web mapping through mobile devices, made available through APIs such as Google Maps and free online data like OpenStreetMap, combined with the growth in open source software has provided increased opportunities and different routes to market for developers. We have a range of skills in digital mapping, from simply taking the printed map into the online environment to developing intuitive and editable open source map interfaces.

A web map can offer very important filtered information to a viewer like this restaurants map for tourists in a Canadian city:

Canada restaurants map

Web map of restaurants
Web map of restaurants

A web map can take on many forms with added layers of interactive data. A user may be able to access data on hotels, tourist objectives or restaurants, including other user reviews and photographs, while also being able to manipulate and filter the results.

The next example shows a map that allows users to search for real estate information on properties in the USA:

US property search

The advantage of web maps are that they not only make spatial data more accessible and interactive to the public, but they also allow for multiple datasets to be combined and created for internal or external purposes. We can create customized web maps which for private institutions (facility security maps, retail locations and their goods inventory, commodities locations, transportation routes etc) or the public (locations of stores, tourist objectives, routing, etc).

Web map with routing
Web map with routing

The Solution GIS team is here to help you with your web mapping needs. Our team of GIS experts and web developers are ready to take on your next project, regardless of its size and scope. We also believe that maps should be universal. Here is a list of what we can do:

  • Integrate raster and vector databases, multimedia files, text documents and spreadsheets.
  • Build all maps in an intelligent, user-friendly fashion with slick, modern design.
  • Implement as many open source and open standard interfaces, applications and platforms as possible.
  • Integrate REST APIs, APIs, WMS, WFS, etc.
  • Build standard-compliant applications using the most current, open source technologies (such as JavaScript, HTML5, PostGIS, Python, etc.).
  • Create web maps that work on every operating system, not just Windows!
  • Build and maintain full stack deployments on the front and back end.
  • Deliver scalable solutions.

What Makes Us Better?

Unlike the big companies offering the same solutions to everybody, we work directly with all of our clients to provide one-on-one service. That cuts down on costly errors, miscommunication and frustration. It also allows us to work swiftly and precisely, getting your project completed on time and within budget.